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Third Part Services

SISI collaborated with a third-party certification body and, with its qualified inspector, is authorized to perform Third Party Activities such as:

  • tests on materials according to EN 10204-3.2 and release of the related certification
  • non destructive tests such as Visual and Dimensional (VT), Dye Penetrant (PT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Ultrasonic (UT). These methods are used on many industrial components that need to be checked in order to detect damage that may be difficult or expensive to find with other methods.
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is a certification that defines the level of risk reduction provided by components, equipment and systems used in security applications and specifies a target of reducing the level of security.
  • TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) is a comprehensive air pollution control certification
  • Fire Safe is a test that checks that is performed on the valves to verify their reliability of operation in case of fire and allow maneuverability at high temperatures in the presence of a flow of flammable liquids.
  • Fugitive emission is concerning about tests carried out in accordance with ISO 15848-1 to assess the ability of seals to prevent the leakage of toxic gases or fluids from valves
  • Welding Procedures is an evaluation of technical procedures implemented in welding activities.
  • Welder Qualifications are specially designed tests that determine the skills and the degree of skill of the welder.
  • PED and T-PED are the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) and transportable pressure equipment (99/36/EC) provided for an adequate legislative framework on European level for equipment subject to a pressure hazard
  • ATEX is a European directive that describes what equipment and environmental conditions are possible in an environment characterized by explosive atmosphere.