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Second Part Services

The inspection service is provided for clients who require conformance to technical specifications, international standards, purchase order and manufacturing schedule. SISI inspectors follow the Quality Control Plan issued by the vendor and approved by the Client. SISI carry out inspections and tests on a large kind of equipments and goods to ensure the quality of the product and the respect of standards and Client’s requests.

Vendor assessment
With the service of Vendor Assessment SISI checks suppliers and vendors not only to verify their processes and quality capabilities but also to determine if the proposed supplier is able to meet Client’s requirements. The in-depth inspection tries to investigate different aspects such as the vendor’s organization, its workmanship, its manufacturing capability, its equipments and facilities.

The purpose of this activity is the verification of the work progress status and it may be carried out at vendor’s site or from SISI offices (desk expediting). SISI ensures to:
  • check the issue and acceptance of all the documentation (specifications, drawings, purchase order and so on);
  • check the sub-order status;
  • verify the respect of the manufacturing schedule with its milestones;
  • follow up the progress of the works;
  • respect the fulfillment of the contractual delivery date;

communicate with Client’s engineering and operational staff informing and advising them of potential problems and delay.

The above steps are also applied in case of desk expediting.

All these activities are performed by verifying adherence to Client’s specifications, drawings and inspection and test plans (ITP).