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Applied Research Products and Services

Developing an On-Line inspection system, that will be placed at pre-chosen strategic points on the Rail Network tracks, for inspection of faults in wheels and axles of passing trains. The system is able to inspect passing trains for flats in the wheels, defective wheel set bearings, significant cracks and wheel profile abnormalities. The system is using an identification system for each passing train, and each wheel set will be given an identification code. If a fault is identified on a wheel set in one of the passing trains by the SAFERAIL system, then the system will automatically alert the signaling engineers who will then decide what action to take for that particular train, i.e. advise maintenance, reduce speed or stop it completely. In the case of a severe defect being discovered, the system permits to the signaling engineers, to stop a particular train immediately in order to carry out emergency maintenance.

Developing a novel inspection system of new and wheel sets in service based on ultrasonic phased arrays and ACFM probes. The consortium of this project has developed a novel ultrasonic phased array system, with higher resolution and speed of inspection operation, coupled with novel ACFM probes for the identification of surface breaking faults. Currently, ultrasonic phased arrays and other techniques in use to inspect wheel sets in service have problems in finding small surface defects. The incorporation of ACFM probes allows the accurate and fast inspection of wheel sets for any surface breaking faults.